We're farmers, food lovers, artists and firm believers in the power of community.  We created Farm & Field to be a conduit to the land, food and people that create the magic of the Hudson Valley. 

Our mission is to support and celebrate our local farms and producers by connecting visitors to a deep sense of place. 



Lucy Marston | Partner
Most Likely To Have The Answer


At the heart of things Lucy is a farmer. She has spent the past decade working in sustainable agriculture and farm-based education. Happiest out in the field getting her hands dirty, Lucy also loves sharing her passion for food and farming with others.

She sees interacting with the land and with food as a seed that sows boundless opportunities for deeper connection. Farm & Field is her way of offering people those little moments that lead to true nourishment.


Jill Duffy | Founder
She’s Got The Eye


Jill Duffy is a designer, artist, mom, community builder and grower. Jill sees Farm & Field as an opportunity to connect people to the Hudson Valley, to its farms and the people living in Columbia county. It’s a platform to celebrate and support where she calls home. In her past life, Jill worked in art direction and design.

After moving to the Hudson Valley, she left her career to do what she feels will be her life’s best and most important work - growing two little humans.


Jason Duffy | Founder
Chief Numbers Guy

Screen Shot 2019-06-01 at 10.49.47 AM.png

Jason Duffy is a social alchemist and just darn good with numbers. Duff spends his work days in a monkey suit, tending to the needs of the NYC finance community. The primary lesson he has learned in the past 20 years, is that money is like manure. When used wisely and sprinkled about, it can make wonderful things grow. When piled high in a corner, its tends to stink

Farm & Field is one of several endeavors purposefully designed to sprinkle that fertilizer around for the greater good.


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